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I comply in strict accordance with federal and state laws to assure that you receive competent and ethical treatment. I adhere to the Privacy Rules established under HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. A copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices will be provided to you.



I am an In-Network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

I am also an Out-Of-Network provider for most PPO insurance plans. 

Payment for my fees/co-payments can be by cash, credit card or check, and is due at the time of service, unless an alternate agreement is made. 


When working with your insurance company, don't be discouraged by, or assume you need to navigate alone. I will be glad to consult with you on the process of obtaining a clear understanding of your benefits. Many insurers have websites for providers, and I can sometimes provide some initial information about eligibility and co-pays. However, you should be aware that insurance companies are much more responsive to you than they are to a provider like myself: you are their customer, and they are interested in making you satisfied with their services. So--to determine complete information about  your insurance benefits and eligibility, you can contact your insurance by calling the Mental Health phone number located on the back of your insurance card. A representative will assist you. 


To ensure that you receive all the information that will be helpful to you, I've listed a series of important questions for you to ask your insurer below:


● What is my benefit for mental health? 

● Specifically, what is my benefit for outpatient individual psychotherapy?

● Do I have an out-of-network benefit? Or, do I only have in-network benefits?

● Is the provider I’d like to work with considered in-network or out-of-network for my current insurance plan?

● Do I have an annual deductible? If so, on what date does my annual calendar start? (this is typically the date your insurance was activated)

● Do I have a coinsurance payment? How much is it per visit?

● Do I have a maximum on my out-of-pocket expenses?

● Do I have to obtain authorization in order to use my benefits/participate in sessions?

● Does my benefit become unlimited, as determined by medical necessity, if my diagnosis is biologically based? (Parity Law)

● How do I obtain reimbursement for treatment I have paid for out-of-pocket?

● What is your name and call-back number (for follow-up with additional questions and to document information provided)?

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